Wo Gott der Herr nicht bei uns hält


By Cecilia McDowall

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Cecilia McDowall has been described by the International Record Review as having a ‘communicative gift that is very rare in modern music. An award-winning composer, McDowall is often inspired by extra-musical influences, and her choral writing combines rhythmic vitality with expressive lyricism. Her music has been commissioned, performed, and recorded by leading choirs, among them the BBC Singers, The Sixteen, and Oxford and Cambridge choirs and is regularly programmed at prestigious festivals in Britain and abroad. In 2017 McDowall was selected for an Honorary Fellow award by the Royal School of Church Music.

The Orgelbüchlein Project is a long running project to complete Bach’s unfinished collection of organ music. Bach inscribed the title of 164 Chorales in his manuscript, but only composed 46 of them. McDowall has composed music for ‘ghost’ Chorale 119 (336) BWV 258 as her contribution to completing the set of Chorales.

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