About Us

ChurchOrganWorld was formed following the acquisition of Copeman Hart & Company Ltd by Makin Organs Ltd in early 2011. Most recently, as a result of a change in their ownership, we have acquired the exclusive UK distribution of Rodgers Organs from the USA. As the name suggests, our company specialises in the installation of digital church organs, having the widest range available from a single source across our four brands: Makin, Copeman Hart, Johannus, and Rodgers. Each of these brands has their own sound, design features, and price range.

We are therefore proud to be able to offer instruments of the highest quality to meet the needs of a really diverse range of clients across the UK; from compact practice instruments for the home, to standard or custom designs for churches, schools, halls, and crematoria, right up to completely bespoke instruments such as the four-manual Copeman Hart at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow.

While Johannus instruments are designed and built for a world-wide market by the Global Organ Group of Ede in the Netherlands, Makin and Copeman Hart were both founded in England, in 1970 and 1960 respectively, and have always produced instruments which fully emulate the British organ sound, and British organ-building traditions. Rodgers, meanwhile, was established in 1958, and represents the very best in the popular “American Classic” style of building.

However, whichever brand is selected, our organs benefit from a continuing programme of research and development, so that our latest generation of technology truly offers the most realistic pipe organ sound available from any digital organ manufacturer. Our customers and their consultants often work closely with our staff to determine the exact specification of an instrument, either by requesting a few changes to a standard design, or by commissioning a Custom or totally bespoke instrument to meet their precise needs. With Prof Ian Tracey, Organist Titulaire of Liverpool Cathedral, as our Tonal Director, our specifications, consoles, and pipe-like sound have met with delight from our customers.