VOX HUMANA Vol. 7. International Organ Music: Italy. (Pieces by Anfossi, Corbisiero, Cotumacci, Furno, Piccinni etc.).


By Various Composers

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VOX HUMANA International Organ Music. Italy

The VOX HUMANA series presents easy to moderately difficult organ repertoire from various countries.  The pieces chosen are all playable at sight, if necessary on smaller instruments.

They are collections of short but well-written “Gebrauchmusik” (music for use), suitable for sight-reading but never exceeding the capacities of the part-time organist.  Encompassing a broad range of styles, they can save organists much time-consuming research work.

– Perfect for the part-time organist who is looking for something different

– A survey of little know organ pieces and a welcome addition to the repertoire

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