Two Fantasias for Organ


By Robert Lind

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Fantasia in C:

Inspired by J.S. Bach’s “Fantasia in c” BWV 537, this attractive setting of “Fantasia in c” by Chicago composer, Robert Lind sets an appropriate tone for a meditative liturgy, or for use during the penitential season.

Utilizing Eighteenth-century harmonic language, the Fantasia is constructed in an ABA form. The A section is replete of sighing motifs, leaps of a minor sixth and graceful melodic gestures. The B section is a short cleverly constructed fugue which, with a carefully chosen tempo and subtle registration, continues the meditative tone set by the opening section.

Fantasia in d

Robert Lind’s craftsmanship and integrity shine through in this exciting composition. Filled with scalic passage-work, contrary motion chordal passages and interspersed with short fugal sections, “Fantasia in d” traverses several keys, each key change adding to the improvisational momentum. This stately piece set in a romantic harmonic language is for the seasoned organist looking for a thrilling postlude or concert piece.
–notes by Maxine Thevenot

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