Tre pezzi profani per organo (1994/95)


Composer: Kee P

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Kelterborn Tre pezzi profani per organo (Organ)

A number of techniques ranging from serial procedures to limited aleatoric methods are important in my music.  In several works, the expressive domain is already alluded to in the title: ‘Nachtstücke’ (Night Pieces), ‘Phantasmen’, ‘Traummusik’ (Dream Music), ‘Erinnerungen an Orpheus’ (Recollections of Orpheus), ‘Chiaroscuro’.  Its language ranges from meditative or lyrical restraint to dramatic forcefulness, from emotional distance – partly determined by constructive principles – to elementary directness.

The ‘contents’ of my music are characterized by the often simply unbearable tension between the wonders of the world and the tremendous possibilities of life on the one hand, and the fears, terrors and misery of our times on the other.

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