The window to eternity (La Fenêtre Sur L’Éternité)


By Robert M Helmschrott

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In his composition La Fenetre sur l’éternité (The Window to Eternity) Robert Helmschrott deals with the question of the temporality of all beings. Bold harmonies, free metrics and rhythm, virtuoso playing figures and an imaginative, free formal design characterize the tonally differentiated work, whose “spherical” ending with delicate pianissimo sounds evokes the association of infinity and eternity.

Robert Helmschrott, born on August 23, 1928 in Weiden (Bavaria), studied at the Musikhochschule in Munich (including Harald Genzmer) and perfected his organ playing with Pierre Froidebise in Liège (Belgium). Since 1972 he taught music theory as a lecturer and professor at the Munich Music Academy and was from 1995 to 2003 president of the university. Even an excellent organist, he composed numerous virtuoso organ works, which are masterfully written for the instrument and characterized by a sensitive sense for the colorful sonority of the organ.

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