The Village Organist Book 33


Edited by F Cunningham Woods

  1. Minuetto in A minor (A W Marchant)
  2. Andante in B minor from ‘Bilder aus Osten’ (Schumann)
  3. Allegretto Maestoso in C (W Metcalfe)
  4. Andante in C from Violin Concerto (R H Bellairs)
  5. Allegretto Cantabile in B flat (R H Bellairs)
  6. Marche Solennelle in E minor (Schubert)
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There exists already and abundant supply of original compositions and arrangements suitable for performance on large and comprehensive organs, but many organists who have only a small instrument at their disposal in country churches often have some difficulty in finding short and easy voluntaries suitable for their own use and the instruction of their pupils. It is hoped that The Village Organist may supply this want, so much felt by that valuable and zealous class of church-workers to whom the work is inscribed. The editors have endeavoured to bring together a collection of pieces which they trust will prove to be at once simple, without being uninteresting, and effective where the instrumental resources are limited.

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Bellairs R.H., Marchant A.W., Mendelssohn-Bartholody F., Metcalfe W., Schubert F.P., Schumann R.