The Oxford Book of Ceremonial Music for Organ, Book 1


Boëllmann: Chorale from Suite Gothique
Boëllmann: Menuet gothique from Suite Gothique
Boyce: Allegro from Symphony in D
Chilcott: Sun Dance from Organ Dances
Dukas: Fanfare from La péri
Elgar: Nimrod from Enigma Variations
Fletcher: Toccata
Gigout: Grand choeur dialoguée
Handel: Two pieces from Judas Maccabeus (See, the conqu’ring hero come!; March)
Handel: La Rejouissance from Fireworks Music
Handel: Minuet from Fireworks Music
Handel: Interlude from Water Music
Ives: Processional
Jackson: March
Madden: Tuba Magna
Mathias: Recessional
Mathias: Fanfare
Mendelssohn: War march of the priests
Muffat: Les Gendarmes
Muffat: Gavotte
Murrill: Carillon
Parry: Elegy
Peeters: Festival voluntary
Purcell: Rondo from Abdelazar
Purcell: Three Pieces from Dioclesian (Dance of the Bacchanais)
Purcell: First Act Tune
Purcell: Second Music
Salomé: Grand Choeur
Sumsion: Ceremonial March
von Paradis: Siciliene
Walford Davies: Solemn Melody
Walton: Introduction and March from the Battle of Britain

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33 grand ceremonial pieces that are ideal for use at weddings, as voluntaries, or for recitals. Not all the music is loud and extrovert: together with pieces like fanfares and marches, the collection contains a sprinkling of quieter items in solemn mood.

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Oxford University Press (OUP)


Boellmann L., Boyce W., Chilcott B., Dukas P., Elgar E., Fletcher P.E., Gigout E., Handel G.F., Ives G., Jackson F., Madden J., Mathias W., Mendelssohn-Bartholody F., Muffat G., Murrill H., Paradis M.T. von, Parry C.H.H., Peeters F., Purcell H., Salome T., Sumsion H., Walford-Davies H., Walton W.