Symphony In The Teapot


By Qi Zhang

for Organ

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“With their pure fresh aroma, the tea leaves meet the steaming water that gurgles down into the purple clay teapot. The leaves begin to dance a mystic step, sing a historical song, and celebrate a great time with their best friends. From commonplace tiny sticks, they are reborn as beautiful elves. They stretch their bodies, roll down to the bottom, and float up to the lip of the teapot. Affected by their happiness, the water utters a sweet, elated and joyful whisper. The story can be smelt, observed and felt by hearts.”

Inspired by the Chinese history and culture of tea, I composed Symphony in the Teapot in 2005. Because there were very few pipe organs in China, this work was originally written for Electone Organ, an electronic instrument featuring orchestral and newly developed electronic sounds. In 2009, at the suggestion of Cherry Rhodes and Jean Guillou, I arranged this piece for pipe organ and played the European premiere in Église Saint-Eustache in Paris. (Qi Zhang)

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