Sonntags Orgel (Easy Organ Music) Vol 2: Meditation & Pastorale


Lepage, Abbé Louis – Antienne C-Dur
Salomé, Théodore – Prière C-Dur
Smetana, Friedrich – Präludium D-Dur
Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix – Andante D-Dur
Liszt, Franz – “O crux” d-Moll
Franck, César – Prélude pour l’ave maris stella d-Moll
Führer, Robert – Poco Adagio d-Moll
Führer, Robert – Andante Es-Dur
Liszt, Franz – Resignazione E-Dur
Boely, Alexandre – Air e-Moll
Binder, Christlieb Siegmund – Präludium F-Dur
Hesse, Adolph Friedrich – Andantino F-Dur
Knecht, Justin Heinrich – Cantabile F-Dur
Smart, Henry – Andante grazioso F-Dur
Franck, César – Pièce f-Moll
Boellmann, Léon – Elévation G-Dur
Knecht, Justin Heinrich – Cantabile G-Dur
Führer, Robert – Andante G-Dur
Chauvet, Charles-Alexis – Prélude g-Moll
Hesse, Adolph Friedrich – Andante g-Moll
Hesse, Adolph Friedrich – Präludium g-Moll
Lmecjt. Kistom Jeomrocjt – Cantabile g-Moll
Martini, P. Giovanni Battista – Per la Benedizione g-Moll
Rinck, Johann Christian Heinrich – Andante g-Moll
Hesse, Adolph Friedrich – Andantino a-Moll
Lefébure-Wely, Louis – Verset a-Moll
Niedermeyer, Abraham Louis – Communion a-Moll
Knecht, Justin Heinrich -Cantabile B-Dur
Knecht, Justin Heinrich – Pastorale:
Charpentier, Jean-Jacques- Noel en Musette D-Dur
Haynes, Walter Battison – Pastorale F-Dur
Gass, P. Felix – Pastorella aus dem Schwarzwald F-Dur
Führer, Robert – Andante G-Dur
Smetana, Friedrich – Pastorale G-Dur

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Sonntagsorgel, Volume II: Easy Organ Music
Meditative Music – Pastorals

“Sonntagsorgel” is a collection of stylistically varied pieces for the amateur organist comprising three volumes.  The edition is ideal for use in church services or for teaching purposes.

The first volume includes festive preludes, toccatas and fugues, trios and pastorals by German and French composers from the 17th through to the 20th century.  In the second volume, meditative pieces by composers ranging from Christian Heinrich Rinck to Théodore Salomé are presented.  The third volume contains chorale preludes and hymn accompaniments for liturgical purposes.

These collections of organ music cover a broad range of compositional styles.  The pieces are easy to sight-read, are not technically demanding and sound effective; the edition will be appreciated by amateur and professional church musicians alike.

– Collection of organ music which does not require much practising

– Ideal for amateur organists

– Suitable for teaching purposes

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Binder C.S., Boellmann L., Boely A.P.F., Charpentier J., Chauvet C.A., Franck C., Fuhrer R., Gass P.F., Haynes W.B., Hesse A.F., Knecht J.H., Lefebure-Wely L.J.A., Lepage A.L., Liszt F., Martini G.B., Mendelssohn-Bartholody F., Salome T., Smart H., Smetana F.