Selected Organ Works Vol 10


By Pachelbel

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Guilmant Selected Organ Works I-VI (special price)
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Alexandre Guilmant (1837-1911) was organist at the Trinity Church in Paris and a professor at the Conservatoire.  His influence was widespread and an entire school was founded on his playing.

With their clear formal design and their manageable demands on technique, these pieces reflect Guilmant’s basic precept of creating works for church and concert performance.

Stylistically, they are noteworthy for their evocative and confessional mood and their straightforward, highly melodious workmanship.

– First scholarly-critical edition of Guilmant’s organ music

– Based on latest scholarly research. Includes previously unexplored sources

– Included in each volume is a detailed foreword (Fr/Eng/Ger), critical report (Ger) with an initial explanatory text (Fr/Ger/Eng), and catalogue of sources

The set includes:

Volume I: Sonatas 1-4 | BA 8407
Volume II: Sonatas 5-8 | BA 8408
Volume III: Arrangements based on Gregorian cantus firmi and sacred character pieces | BA 8409
Volume IV: Arrangements based on German Protestant hymns, sacred character pieces, works in the style of Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frideric Handel | BA 8410
Volume V: Concert and Character Pieces 1 | BA 9252
Volume VI: Concert and Character Pieces 2 | BA 9253

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