Saya Op 50


By Jean Guillou

(L’Oiseau bleu)

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Jean Guillou is one of the most eminent organists of our time. His compositions make use of the full range of colours which the organ is capable of producing and handle the instrument with virtuoso skill and sensitivity to tone colour.
Guillou achieved international success with his piece ”Alice in Organ land” (ED 8677) for organ and narrator, which he performed in many countries around the world, amusing and entertaining audiences of children and adults while increasing their familiarity with the nature of the instrument.
In Seoul on a concert tour in 1993 he was given as a theme for improvisation the Korean melody SÄYA, a simple four-note melody which sings the praises of a ”blue bird” with very poetic words.
A rewarding piece that is not too demanding, suitable for concert performance and teaching

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