Complete Organ Works: Volume 10


By J S Bach

Individually Transmitted Choral Settings II

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The now-published volumes 9 and 10 have presented a special challenge, for particularly in the field of the chorale arrangements the transmissions are more complex than in any other group of works. This ties in with the crucial question of Bach’s authorship, which has been the subject of much controversy in the past. There were heated discussions about it even just prior to our edition, and editors and publisher are aware that the present selection is a thoroughly debatable snapshot. More on this in the volumes’ text sections. The so called “Neumeister-Choräle“ are incorporated in the group of the separately transmitted chorale settings in alphabetical order, because the compilation of the pieces does not follow any collection idea of Bach (such as, for example, his larger late collections). The indication “Neumeister-Sammlung“ should facilitate the attribution. Those works requiring further research, besides of some versions, are presented online, since their profile reveals less evidence of the true author.

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