By Walter Gleissner

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My professional life was born through a committed call from my late wife Ruth Gleissner. Debes significantly shaped. With the choir activities she was a reliable advisor and help. At the organ concerts she was by my side as a registrant. Therefore I am very grateful to her. With this organ piece I would like to do a little bit to meet this concern.

My wife’s maiden name works well for a representation in notes. That is why I chose the tone sequence debe-es as the basis for this post-study. While the playful element mainly comes into play in the interludes, my feeling about the bitter loss is expressed in chromatic expressions and in the tone steps of the chosen topic. The three-part form corresponds approximately to the three-fold increase in the execution of the basic motif. In the middle of the composition is a fugato, the second part of which is the reversal of the theme. (Walter Gleissner)

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