Orgelsinfonie No. 7


Von Ewigkeit zu Ewigkeit

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Each organ symphony by Enjott Schneider has its own colour and its own theme. Organ Symphony No. 7 ‘Von Ewigkeit zu Ewigkeit’ is dominated by the theme of ‘time’: from the flowing rumbling of time in ancient beginnings (‘In principio’ – 1st movement) and periodic to the intellectually incomprehensible revolving (‘Zeit der Sterne’ – 2nd movement). After the third movement (‘Zeit des Menschen’), a valse triste, infused by an almost humorous hectic atmosphere, the symphony ends with a kind of ‘Amen!’ in the fourth movement. Schneider sums it up: ‘It is good as it is, we do not understand the course of time anyway.’ With regard to style, his composition is based on elements of minimal music which he combines with the tradition of the European organ composition, it is at the same time a testimony to the composer’s flexibility and versatility.

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