Organist’s Collection Book 09


Book Nine
Adeste Fideles – Gigout
Andante – Rinck
Andante con moto – Mendelssohn
Dreaming – Schumann
Etude – Loret
Eventide – Stanford
Finale – Hollins
Memories of Childhood – Granados
Minuet – Arne
Nocturne – Hofmann
Prelude in C – Rinck
Prelude in Eb – Rinck
Postlude – Dubois
The Rose Garden – MacDowell

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Music From Across The Centuries

This series makes available a wide repertoire of music for the organ, requiring only a modest technique. Many of the pieces are well known while others, we feel, deserve to be. As always they are beautifully presented and represent tremendous value.

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Arne T.A., Dubois T., Gigout E., Granados E., Hofmann H., Hollins A., Loret C., Macdowell E., Mendelssohn-Bartholody F., Rinck J.C.H., Schumann R., Stanford C.V.


Kevin Mayhew