Organ Music of the Classic & Romantic Period, Vol.3. Selected Pieces by J C H Rinck.


Various Composers

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Organ Music of the Classical and Early Romantic, Volume 3
Selected Works by Johann Christian Heinrich Rinck

The series “Organ Music of the Classical and Early Romantic Periods” consists of practical editions of original pieces by outstanding composers of the late 18th century.  These selections, examples of various types of organ music including free compositions, chorale preludes, variations and trios, are suitable for church and concert use.

In the music aesthetics that dominated at the end of the 18th century, the expression of human feelings was an essential part of music.  The attempt was made, on the one hand, to maintain the traditional forms of organ music while, on the other hand, satisfying the spirit of the Age of Sensuality.  This was done, for example, by using singable melodies.

Since the pieces range in degree of difficulty from easy to intermediate, they are valuable repertoire for the amateur organist.


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