Organ Method Band 1


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This method of organ playing presupposes a certain technical skill on the piano. The pedal exercises at the beginning are fundamental and should be practiced in all keys with gradually increasing tempo. The structure of this method is based on the increasing polyphony: two-part pieces are followed by three-and multi-part pieces. Studying the strict structure of the polyphonic compositions, getting a feel of the liveliness of these parts, their coming, going and returning, all this, with the knowledge of harmonic form and architectonic values, provides the essential background for the correct interpretation of polyphonic music, especially of the fugue. The most important musical forms have been used to illustrate the various possibilities of registration and its relationship to style (colourful, solo and smooth playing).Progress within this method is made in a winding pattern, i.e. by falling frequently back on earlier aspects, through the juxtaposition of special stylistic and formal features, in order to consolidate them or add to variety. It is very important that the evolution of organ music from vocal music should be made clear to the student the very beginning, both musically and intellectually. He will be shown the technical evolution of organ music over the centuries and thus be prepared for a really artistic performance and interpretation of old and new works on his instrument, especially for the incomparable art of our great Johann Sebastian Bach.

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