Musica Dominicalis (Sunday Music) (Organ) (Instrumental Solo)


By Petr Eben



Eben Musica Dominicalis (Sunday Music) (Organ)

The new edition of what is, without doubt, Petr Eben’s (1929 – 2007) most famous composition for the royal instrument, is based on a revision by Prof. Jan Hora, undertaken in cooperation with the composer.  Since this cycle was written half a century ago (1958), the organ has undergone certain changes, and it was therefore necessary to make corrections in the notation of this classic work in order that it corresponds to the way the instrument is played today.

But it was not only contemporary aspects which influenced this latest edition. We also took a step back, right to the very beginning, giving the work its original title, Musica dominicalis, which further underlines its timelessness.

This edition contains a preface and notes on performing the work by Jan Hora (Cz/Ger/Eng).

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