Le Manuscript Pingre Orgue


Edited by Jon Baxendale

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Copied by the renegade priest, mathematician, astronomer and revolutionary, Le Manuscrit Pingré Orgue is part of a collection left by Guy-Alexandre Pingré to the Bibliothèque Saint-Geneviève in Paris, at which he served as Librarian after its foundation after the French Revolution. The music was possibly copied during his stay in Rouen, where he was the first professor of astronomy between 1749 and 1750 and contains the only known works of Rouen Cathedral organist, François D’Agincourt.

Another unattributed 39 pieces, some of which are by D’Agincourt’s predecessor at the cathedral, Jacques Boyvin, are found in a section titled ‘Pieces de différents Auteurs’. For the first time, these charming miniatures are edited as a single volume in Lyrebird Music’s collection of Classical French organ music. A comprehensive preface by editor Jon Baxendale contains notes on the copyist, discusses the music, its registration and performance.

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Baxendale J., Boyvin J., D’Agincourt F.