Keyboard Works (selected) Vol.1: Hymns, Tientos and Versets (Urtext).


By Cabezon Antonio de

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Cabezón Selected Works for Keyboard II: Hymnes, Versets and Tientos

The court organist Antonio de Cabezón (1510 –1566), who was appointed to Queen Isabella’s court chapel in Toledo at the young age of 16, was rightly regarded by his contemporaries as the leading Spanish organist and keyboard player of the 16th century. His hymns and versets are based on short, decorated harmonisations of the psalm tones. In the tientos, the transformation from vocal motet style to a style of writing suitable for keyboard instruments is perfectly executed.

This Urtext edition contains a selection of Cabezón’s best known works and will consist of four volumes. It has been prepared by two editors working at Portuguese and Spanish universities who are both leading scholars of the works of Cabezón and reflects the latest research findings.

This first scholarly edition of selected works by the leading Spanish organist reflects the latest research findings. Each volume contains a foreword (German/English) with tips on editorial technique, critical commentary (German/English) and index of sources.

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