Keyboard & Organ Works Vol II (New Edition)


By Froberger

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Froberger New Edition of the Complete Works II: Keyboard and Organ Works
Libro Quarto 1656, Libro di Capricci e Ricercari ca. 1658

Johann Jacob Froberger (1617–67) enjoyed an outstanding reputation during his lifetime, as his compositional style represented a synthesis of Italian, French and English influences.  His music continued to be published seventy years after his death and was evidently still being played after 1750.  There is now a growing awareness that Froberger’s significance for keyboard music of the 17th century is comparable only with that of Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck.

Each volume in this complete bilingual edition of the works of Johann Jacob Froberger contains a Critical Commentary and a detailed Foreword with sections on the edition’s structure and scope, editorial method and performance practice, as well as discussions of contemporary instruments, ornamentation and Froberger’s life.

Now, for the first time, keyboard players have access to every work attributed to Froberger, including a large number of pieces discovered by the editor, as well as alternative versions and pieces of doubtful authenticity.

– Groundbreaking scholarly-critical complete edition

– Latest research findings incorporated

– Detailed explanatory notes (German/English)

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