Hymnes de L’Eglise et le Magnificat


By Jehan Titelouze
Edited by Jon Baxendale

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Jehan Titelouze, organist and canon at Rouen Cathedral, composed his two books of alternatim organ versets in 1623 and 1626. Published by ‘seul imprimeur du Roy’, Pierre Ballard, they constitute the first known publication of organ music in France after Pierre Attaingnant’s books of the 1530s. The 1623 publication, Hymnes de l’église, contains settings of the twelve principal hymns of the church year, while its successor provides settings of Le Magnificat in each of the eight church tones. Titelouze’s erudite polyphonic style was not to be matched by later composers in their publications, though several drew upon his examples in their own work. In a new critical edition for Lyrebird Music, editor Jon Baxendale assess Titelouze’s music, discusses performance issues concerning the notation, ornamentation and registration, and scrutinises Titelouze’s essays on his music, which discuss his style, counterpoint and musical philosophy. Included as appendices are the plainsong hymns and Magnificat tones for performance within a liturgical setting.

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Baxendale J., Daquin L.C.