Highland Cathedral


By Michael Korb & Uli Roever
Arranged by Anthony Baldwin



Far from being a traditional Scottish melody, “Highland Cathedral” was written in 1982 by German composers Michael Korb and Uli Roever, simply because they wanted to compose a tune for pipes, and embraced the atmosphere, legends and folklore of Scotland. No such cathedral exists – the tune is a romantic, nostalgic evocation of something that never was, but has gone on to achieve an iconic status in the popular music of Scotland.

This publication contains two organ arrangements by Antony Baldwin, the latter being a simpler treatment, based on a more straightforward harmonic scheme, thus affording all organists the opportunity to enjoy playing this stirring melody.


“Beautifully arranged here by Antony Baldwin, there are two versions: a complete one of changing textures and volumes (and keys) and a simpler version that is principally the main melody harmonised. The work has obvious appeal for ceremonies, weddings, and funerals, where Scotland is relevant. Grade 5-6 standard in terms of difficulty” (Francis O’Gorman, Organists’ Review, March 2020)

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Korb M., Roever U.


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