Festive Romantic Organ Music


By various composers

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Festive Romantic Organ Music: Easy preludes and postludes of the 19th century

In the 19th century, many organ compositions were written as accompaniments to church services.  They were intended for beginners and experienced organists alike.  Michael Gotthard Fischer (1773–1829), Adolph Hesse (1809–1863) and Gustav Adolf Merkel (1827–1885) are among the most well-known composers of this kind of repertoire.

The edition contains pieces in standard keys, employing few accidentals and using moderate tempos.  The short and easy-to-play compositions for everyday liturgical use have been conceived so that they can be mastered even by beginners in pedal playing.

– Short and easy-to-play pieces for liturgical use

– Also suitable for organ lessons

– With easy pedal parts

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