Fantasia & Fugue on BACH


Fantasia and Fugue on BACH by Liszt
Edited by C H Trevor

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The B.A.C.H. motif has been known and used for centuries, but enjoyed a great revival in the late 19th century as composers paid homage to the composer J.S. Bach. It derives from the German nomenclature, and is expressed in standard notation as Bb-A-C-B.

The Fantasia And Fugue On B.A.C.H. is one of the most famous Organ works of Franz Liszt (1811-1886). The piece was intended for the inauguration of the famous Ladegast Organ at Merseburg Cathedral, but sadly, it wasn’t finished in time. Liszt then revised the work in 1870 and produced the version that survives today. A well-loved piece, no organist’s library is complete without it.

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