Fanfares for a King Limited Edition


Signed by all composers

A Carolean Fanfare (Stephen Barber)
A Majestic Fanfare (Ian Pattinson)
A Royal Fanfare for King Charles III (Alban Clarke)
An Occasional Fanfare (Gavin Bateman)
Carolus Rex (Daniel Bishop)
Changing of the Guard (Simon Hancock)
Coronation March (Clive Grey)
Fanfara Reale (Robert Cockroft)
Fanfare (Richard Francis)
Fanfare for a Civic Service (Richard Stephens)
Fanfare ‘Vivat Rex Carolus’ (Ian Tracey)
Intrada for the King (James Cryer)
Parry for the King (Steven Maxson)
The Imperial Tuba (Keith Harrington)
Tuba Tune (David Stokes)
Vivat Rex (Annette Butters)

Series edited by Ian Tracey & Keith Harrington

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In Celebration of the Coronation of King Charles III

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Barber S.O., Bateman G.J., Bishop D.J., Butters A.M., Clarke A.A., Cockroft R., Cryer J.W., Francis R.J.E., Grey C.G., Hancock S.E., Harrington K.A., Maxson S.J., Pattinson I.A., Stephens R.E.W., Stokes D.A., Tracey I.G.