Enjoy the Organ 1


A Selection of Easy to Play Pieces, some manuals only, some with simple pedal line:

Anon – Variations on La Gayta
Cherubini – Sonata
Palafuti – Elevazione
Pescetti – Allegro
Tag – Orgelsinfonie
Czerny – Praeludium
Knecht – Toccata
DAquin – Rondo (Le coucou)

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Enjoy the Organ 1

– Score with part for hand drum accompanying Variations on “La Gayta”

– A selection of easy-to-play pieces

– A collection of easy concert pieces for the organ

– Mainly for amateur church musicians and organists

– Manageable on smaller instruments

– Leads to impressive results

– Includes brief biographical notes

Enjoy the Organ presents attractive organ pieces from the 18th and 19th centuries that are manageable on smaller instruments and, even with little practice time, lead to impressive results.  These pieces are intended primarily for the amateur organist but can also be of interest to the professional who can use these as a starting point for improvisation.

Volume 1 includes, among other pieces: Luigi Cherubini, Sonata in F major; Louis-Claude Daquin, Le coucou; Johann Christian Gotthilf Tag, Organ Symphony in C major; Anonymous, Variations on “La Gayta”; Carl Czerny, Prelude in F major Op.698,1

The editor, Karl-Peter Chilla, is a leading church musician and teacher at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt with particular emphasis on children’s choirs and school choral conducting.  He is the artistic director of the Dillenburg Organ Summer and a very important aspect of his work with the organ is the publication of easily performed and rewarding organ collections.

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