Danke fuer diesen guten Morgen


By Susanne Kugelmeier

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Kugelmeier Variations for Organ on Danke – Thanks for this good morning

“Thanks” written in 1961 and still the embodiment of the ‘new sacred song’ movement.

Although there are numerous arrangements and translations, until now, no-one has composed a set of variations for organ on the song. “Then, I’ll write my own variations on it”, said the Saarbrücken church musician Susanne Kugelmeier, and wrote a series of seven variations on the church hit.

The particular charm of these variations lies in the combining of the “Thanks” song with well-known pieces, such as Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusik”.  The composer places great emphasis on enjoyment in playing, and the piece never crosses over the boundary into virtuosity.

It is therefore suitable for amateur organists.  Organists will find that these variations are extremely popular with audiences.

– Stylistic improvisations with great enjoyment for the performer.

– Also suitable for amateur organists.

– Includes references to popular classics

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