Dancing Down the Aisle for Organ


Alla breve – David Terry
Alla Marcia – Rosalie Bonighton
Alla Marcia – Adrian Vernon Fish
A simple march – Andrew Moore
Blow up the trumpet – June Nixon
Boyle’s procession – Adrian Vernon Fish
Celtic scherzo – Andrew Wright
Ceremonial march – Andrew Fletcher
Fanfare antica – Andrew Moore
Fanfare for a festival – June Nixon
Festive overture – Norman Warren
Festive scherzo – Rosalie Bonighton
Folk march – Elizabeth Hill
Flourish – David Terry
Gaio – Stanley Vann
Gavotte – Robert Jones
Intrada for a pageant – June Nixon
Jack’s tune – Norman Warren
Jubilatio – Stanley Vann
Let the organ thunder! – Colin Mawby
Millie’s march – Norman Warren
Minuet-allegro – Andrew Fletcher
Notes of joy – Colin Mawby
O be joyful – Elizabeth Hill
One-minute jig – Rosalie Bonighton
Postlude – Michael Higgins
Risoluto – John Marsh
Rondo – David Terry
Rousing march – Andrew Wright
Scherzetto – John Marsh
Scherzo in five – Andrew Fletcher
Scherzo alla giga – Robert Jones
Shelley’s Wood – Christopher Tambling
Sortie – Andrew Moore
Tadpoles – Richard Lloyd
Teapot tune – Christopher Tambling
The cosmic dance – Colin Mawby
The hill-climber’s march – Richard Lloyd
The whistling woodcutter – Richard Lloyd

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Well, not exactly, maybe, but we asked our composers to write ‘feel good’ pieces for this collection, giving organists plenty of jolly tunes with which to play their congregation out. We’re sure you’ll love the result! As always the music falls easily under the hands and there are two versions: one for organ, the other for manuals only.

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Kevin Mayhew


Bonighton R., Fish A.V., Fletcher A., Higgins M., Hill E., Jones R., Lloyd R., Marsh J., Mawby C., Moore A., Tambling C., Terry D., Vann S., Warren N., Wright A.