Concertino in four movements for chest organ


By Lothar Graap

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The work is a commission from Christoph Dohr to Lothar Graap. The chest organ on which the order is based has the following disposition (only the relevant parameters are shown):

a manual, ambitus C – g ” ‘[of which used in the present composition: F – as”]
Packed 8 ‘B / D
flute 4’ B / D
5th 2 2/3 ‘B / D
Principal 2 ‘B ​​/ D
divided registers, division point B / D between h o and c ‘
Sentence sequence
Variations on “I sing with your heart and mouth”
I gladly complied with the request to write a concertino for chest organ (positive). It starts with a happy foreplay. The second movement consists of variations on the well-known hymn “I sing with your heart and mouth”. Here the different sound possibilities can be demonstrated in the individual variations. The third movement is an ostinato. This results in changes in different timbres. The concertino ends with a festive sequel. (Lothar Graap)

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Graap L.


Edition Dohr