Anthology of English Organ Music Vol 02


Edited by Robin Langley
A Fancy For A Double Organ (Gibbons)
A Verse For The Organ (C. Gibbons)
Clarifica Me Peter (Tomkins)
Double Voluntary (Hingeston)
Fantasia (Gibbons)
Fantasia Of Four Parts (Gibbons)
Gloria Tibi Trinitas (Tomkins)
Two Verses
Verse For The Double Organ (C. Gibbons)
Verse For The Organ (Locke)
Verse For The Single Organ (C. Gibbons)
Verse In A Minor (C. Gibbons)
Voluntary (Locke)
Voluntary (Tomkins)
Voluntary For A Double Organ (Locke)

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Reformation to Restoration 2
Orlando Gibbons to Matthew Locke

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Cosyn B., Gibbons C., Gibbons O., Hingeston J., Langley R., Locke M., Tomkins T.