By Franz liszt

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The excellent quality of Schott music editions has made the company one of the leading music publishers in the world ever since it was founded in 1770. Over its long history Schott has published several hundred thousand titles and built up one of the largest publishing archives in existence. This includes music for many different combinations of voices and instruments and works by great and lesser composers, too, all with one thing in common: they are a musical reflection of their time and a historical document of their age. The spectrum ranges from classical chamber music and Romantic virtuoso compositions to historical tutorial books for instrumentalists, from arrangements of symphonic works for piano duet to popular sets of variations on operatic themes for various string and wind instruments – with a particular focus on the music of the 19th Century. Treasures that have been preserved through several wars are now being made available to the public again under the name Schott Archive. The musical notation and the substance of these unique creations are reproduced without alteration to offer reprints of historical editions faithful to the orginal documents.

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